John Island Redevelopment

For more than half a century, YMCA John Island Camp has woven its magic spell on generations of children and their parents. The summers of our youth spent learning, laughing and growing have become the cherished memories of adulthood. Now, John Island Camp needs your support so that it continues to be an important part of so many live.

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Give So That Future Generations May Share the Treasure

Now in its 60th year, John Island Camp is a children’s residential summer camp located on John Island in the North Channel of Lake Huron. Facilities such as camperOutside new cabin and staff cabins, shower facilities, outhouses, dining hall and equipment are currently being upgraded, rebuilt or refinished.  We would like to continue the upgrades so another generation of kids and families can enjoy the magic that is John Island

Where is the Money Going?

Generous donations from alumni, family campers, staff and friends of John Island are being used to renovate and replace the buildings and facilities at John Island. Many of our camper cabins (built in the 50’s) have either been rebuilt or refished.  More efficient and private toilets and showers are now built and currently in operation.

Our Dining Hall and Kitchen facilities along with various program areas have been renovated and are in full swing!

John Island is looking great these day!

If you are interested in looking at our most recent construction and upgrades, please take a look at our Progress Slideshow:
  • John Island Camp Redevelopment Slide Show- Click Here!


Staff Cabin Rebuild (1970's Alumni)

For Staff Cabin Renovation Donations:

      John Island Camp
      140 Durham St.
      Sudbury, ON
      P3E 3M7


General Donations:

At anytime, you can call our Camping Office to donate over the phone:

  • 705.674.6171
  • 800.465.9266

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