Adventure Camp Sessions Ages 8 to 14 
Adventure Camp A: Sunday July 22 - Friday July 27, 2018
Adventure Camp B: Sunday August 26 - Friday August 31, 2018

With similar structure to our 2 week Youth Camps, this one week session will expose campers to the wide variety of programs that John Island has to offer, but also will allow them to select a more individualized program area to participate in for the week. Campers will take part in cabin time programs in the morning and program streams in the afternoon followed by happy hour and evening programs.

For cabin time, campers and counsellors select programs specific to the cabin groups interests. These programs are discussed and selected on the first day when campers arrive and can range from any of the programs that John Island has to offer or could be more creative programming that the staff have planned. Camp programs may include: zipline, archery, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, climbing wall, low ropes, water trampoline and many more!

In the afternoon campers will have the opportunity to take part in program streams. Past stream choices include: Waterfront, Outdoor Living Skills (ODLS), Air Adventure (Ropes), or Portpourri. Streams are selected on the first day of camp. Below are examples of stream outlines. Stream choices  for 2017 will be set closer to the session. 

  • In the Waterfront Stream, campers will be divided into smaller groups on the waterfront where they will take part in all programs offered there. These may include sailing windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, water trampoline, swimming, chapel swims, boogie boarding and other water based games and activities created by the staff.
  • In the Outdoor Living Skills Stream, campers will be divided into smaller groups and take part in a variety of programs to prepare them for an outtrip experience on or around the Island. Campers will take part in programs such as fire building, shelter building, orienteering, map reading, trip preparations and packing, tent set up and campsite selection. The groups will then take a more age based grouping for their overnight trip experience and will eat at least 1 meal over the fire or stove on their trip. The trip may be hiking or paddling. 
  • In the Air Adventure Stream, campers will be divided into smaller groups and will participate in our ropes course program. They will start off with low ropes and initiatives to build trust and teamwork and will move on to the the elements and zipline as they progress through the week. High elements include: climbing wall, vertical playpen, team beams, bosun chairs, catwalk and dangle duo. Campers will also learn a few of the knots used in preparing the coures for climbing. 
  • For those that are not sure what they want to do and want to try a litlle of everything we have the Potpourri Stream. Campers will have a chance to try out a couple programs from each of the other areas such as fire building, low ropes and initiatives, a high ropes element, a boating activitiy, along with other program areas like arts and crafts, drama and archery. 

In the evening campers, will take part in happy hour where they get to choose from a selection of creative programs that staff will develop followed by evening programs where they may work with their cabin group or participate in all camp games such as capture the flag, sticks or campfire.


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